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07 December 2012 @ 05:23 pm
Hi again!  
Not really sure if you guys remember me, but anyway, since I live in Paulsboro and with the train derailment and school being off since last Friday, I had nothing better to do. These stories might not be good, my mind turns to mush, on vacations. :P

Tea Parties:
"Is daddy home yet?" Valleri asked, getting impatient. 
"Nope, soon." Adam responded 
"Ugh, but papa, Mrs. Mooshire's tea is getting cold, and she is getting hungry." She complained
"Sorry I'm late, is there any tea left for me?"  Blake called, coming down the hall.
"Daddy! You made it! Sit there, while I get you a cup."  She raced to the living room to get it.
"You are very lucky, any longer and she wouldn't have spoken to you for a week." Adam said not turning from his dishes.
Blake just hmmed, waiting for his daughter to return.
Christmas Tree:
"Can we put this one the tree? Ooh how about this one? And this, and that, and..." Valleri beamed, filled with delight.
"If we put all the ornaments on there won't be room for your candycanes." Adam reminded her.
"Okay. Can we have sour canes?" she asked bouncing on her toes.
"Hooray! What's this papa?" Val asked, holding up a  white crystal star.
"It's the star on top of the tree. Mommom gave it to me. Want to put it on top?" He told her, taking the star.
"Can I?" Her big eyes begging.
"Sure, why don't you ask daddy if he wants to help you the tree star?"
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monika5monika5 on December 8th, 2012 11:53 pm (UTC)
Aw, these are very cute. I love them being all domestic.